Long Tail Pro: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool


Are you looking for a comprehensive keyword research tool to help you boost your website’s SEO visibility and organic search traffic?

If you are looking for a quality research tool then look no further. Long Tail Pro is the ultimate keyword research tool that can help you do just that. With Long Tail Pro, you can quickly and easily find keyword phrases with the best search traffic potential, and then use the data filters and SEO metrics to verify that the keywords are the right ones for your business. Plus, you can even use the Competitor Analysis and Organic Traffic Insights features to get an in-depth view of what your competitors are up to.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the features of Long Tail Pro, discussing the differences between Long Tail Pro and its competitors, and reviewing the pricing to ask the question: is Long Tail Pro worth it?

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool used by SEO professionals and marketers to uncover profitable keywords for SEO campaigns and content optimization. The tool is designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs identify low competition, high volume keywords that are related to their product or service offerings. It allows users to quickly analyze search engine data to find profitable options, and to assess the effectiveness of a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Long Tail Pro works by running a search query from within its interface and then returning results on the related search terms. The results can be used to find the more popular keywords for a specific website or product, or can be used as a source of ideas for content topics or blog posts. It also has a feature that allows users to upload their own keyword list and analyze it in order to pinpoint potential opportunities.

Various features offered by Long Tail Pro include keyword analysis, competition analysis, results filtering, keyword suggestions, and more. It also includes a keyword difficulty score that ranks keywords based on difficulty, which helps marketers quickly identify the keywords they should target in their SEO campaigns. Additionally, the tool offers a range of reports, including keyword research, analysis of competition and SEO metrics, SEO audit, and others.

Overall, Long Tail Pro is an invaluable keyword research tool that helps SEO professionals and marketers uncover and analyze profitable keywords, assess keyword difficulty, and more. It is simple to use and provides users with powerful data to make informed decisions about the keywords they should target in their SEO campaigns and content optimization efforts.

Features of Long Tail Pro

Search Algorithms

Long Tail Pro features a powerful search algorithm for keyword research. Using data from multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it can determine the most profitable and relevant keywords. Long Tail Pro also provides detailed analytics including competition levels, cost per click, and search volumes.

This helps users evaluate which keywords will be the most effective for their content or website. With these powerful search algorithms, Long Tail Pro is the ideal tool for any online marketer looking to increase their reach with valuable keywords.

Data Filters

Long Tail Pro offers users access to powerful data filters that make it easy to find the most relevant and profitable keywords. With the data filter, you can search based on a variety of criteria, such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and keyword metrics like Cost Per Click (CPC), traffic value and competition. You can also filter your results by geographic region, language, and other criteria. Long Tail Pro’s data filter allows you to narrow down your results and hone in on the highest-quality keywords for your website and marketing efforts.


is an important part of utilizing Long Tail Pro. The analytics feature is designed to help users understand their data, including search volume, competition, and more. Long Tail Pro helps users to analyze their data in real time and track insights over time.

It allows users to measure the effectiveness of their SEO strategies and identify key performance metrics. All of this data is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard and is regularly updated to ensure accuracy. With Long Tail Pro, users have access to reliable data and have the ability to monitor keywords more effectively.

SEO Metrics

Long Tail Pro offers advanced SEO metrics to empower its users with powerful insights into their keyword research. Some of the SEO metrics included with the tool are keyword difficulty, organic CTR, search volume, and cost-per-click data. For each keyword that is searched, Long Tail Pro provides quick and easy visibility into the difficulty of ranking for that keyword as well as the potential value of ranking for it. This helps users quickly identify which keywords are worth pursuing and which ones may be too difficult to rank for.

Additionally, users can filter their searches by the organic CTR, search volume, and cost-per-click data to help them further refine their results. By leveraging these powerful SEO metrics, users of Long Tail Pro can maximize their keyword research efforts, allowing them to discover the best possible keywords to target.


Competitor Analysis

Long Tail Pro allows you to easily review the competitive landscape of your chosen keyword. With this tool, you can see which keyword strategies are working well for the competition, so you can adjust your keyword research accordingly.

The tool also allows you to check how your competitors are ranking for their keywords, as well as the traffic associated with those keywords. Using this information, you can craft an effective keyword strategy that will give you an edge over the competition.

Organic Traffic Insights

Long Tail Pro empowers its users to uncover valuable organic traffic insights to better understand the performance of their website or blog. Utilizing this powerful keyword research tool allows you to track your website or blog’s organic traffic by analyzing overall search volume, click through rates, and even the estimated revenue from your website’s organic search engine results.

With Long Tail Pro, you can also compare your website’s organic search performance to competitors, allowing you to adjust your own SEO efforts and content marketing strategies accordingly. Long Tail Pro also allows you to explore the potential of new and related keywords, giving you the potential to increase your organic traffic and profits. With Long Tail Pro, your website’s SEO efforts have never been more effective and efficient.

Long Tail Pro vs Competitors

When it comes to keyword research tools, there are many options available. Therefore, it’s important to understand which one is best for your business needs. In this section, we’ll take a look at Long Tail Pro and how it compares to some of its competitors.

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is one of the most popular keyword research tools on the market. It provides an easy-to-use interface with many features for researching, managing and optimizing SEO campaigns. The tool’s main features are:

• Keyword research results in seconds

• Access to a huge database of keywords

• Detailed analysis of competitor’s websites

• Niche Finder and Keyword Competitiveness scores

• Comprehensive tracking of keyword rankings

• Uncover long-tail keywords to target

• Automated keyword suggestion tool

Comparatively, other keyword research tools offer similar capabilities, but there are a few key differences that make Long Tail Pro stand out. For instance, it utilizes a proprietary algorithm to calculate keyword competitiveness, which is not offered in most other keyword research tools. This feature helps marketers target profitable keywords by understanding the difficulty of a keyword’s ranking.

In addition, Long Tail Pro’s unique data analysis capabilities allow for advanced keyword research. It provides detailed insights on the difficulty of ranking for each keyword, allowing marketers to easily identify profitable opportunities. This makes it much more useful than basic keyword research tools which are often limited to a list of keywords and associated search volumes.

Finally, Long Tail Pro offers valuable data analysis through its keyword tracking feature, allowing users to automatically track their rankings for specific keywords. This is a great feature for users who are looking for a comprehensive tool for managing their SEO campaigns.

Overall, Long Tail Pro offers a comprehensive set of features for researching, managing and optimizing SEO campaigns. Its unique data analysis capabilities make it an invaluable resource for marketers who want to be successful in their keyword research.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Long Tail Pro is the ultimate keyword research tool, packed with a range of features that help you identify the most profitable keywords for SEO. You can purchase Long Tail Pro in a range of different packages and prices, making it easy to find the plan that suits your business and budget.

Long Tail Pro offers a perpetual license which allows you to use the software indefinitely with no need to purchase additional licenses. The basic version of Long Tail Pro includes a number of features such as keyword competitiveness scoring, search engine optimization (SEO) metrics, and keyword research to help optimize content and find profitable keywords. The basic perpetual license costs $37 one-time with no further recurring fees.

The Professional version of Long Tail Pro offers the same features as the basic version, with additional features such as multi-language keyword research and analysis, the ability to track rankings of up to 10 websites, a competitor analysis tool and more. The Professional perpetual license costs $97 one time with no further recurring fees.

The Agency package provides access to all features from the Professional version as well as premium features such as keyword clustering, the ability to track rankings of up to 50 websites, keyword research for up to 10,000 keywords per search and more.


Is Long Tail Pro Worth It?

If you are looking for a comprehensive keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro is a great choice. It offers a powerful suite of features and tools that enable marketers to quickly and effectively identify and optimize keywords for their campaigns. With its intuitive user interface, Long Tail Pro makes it easy to build keyword lists and find relevant keywords, as well as apply filters to narrow down the list and focus on the most profitable keywords.

Long Tail Pro also offers a range of advanced features to make keyword research even more effective. These include its “keyword difficulty” and “keyword competition” score, which give insight into how competitive a keyword is, as well as its ability to compare various SEO metrics. Long Tail Pro also provides extensive reporting capabilities, making it easy to share insights with clients and colleagues.

What makes Long Tail Pro really stand out is its ability to generate long tail keyword ideas. Knowing which long tail words to target is key for driving organic web traffic, and Long Tail Pro makes it easy to find those golden keywords that people are already searching for. Additionally, Long Tail Pro gives users the option to spy on their competitors’ campaigns and identify their own keywords.

All in all, Long Tail Pro is a great investment for those looking to get the most out of their keyword research. It’s packed with features and tools that make it easy to find relevant keywords, build keyword lists, compare SEO metrics, and generate long tail ideas. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or a beginner looking to get started, Long Tail Pro is definitely worth the investment.



By reviewing all of the features, algorithms, data filters, and insights that Long Tail Pro provides, it is clear to see why this keyword research tool should be the number one choice for any digital marketer. It offers users a powerful keyword research experience and the flexibility to customize their search criteria, analyze the competition, and understand their audience better.

With analytics, SEO metrics, and organic traffic insights, Long Tail Pro can take any digital marketing campaign to the next level. Furthermore, the affordability of the software makes it accessible to any size organization, allowing users to gain more from their investment. Long Tail Pro is the perfect choice for any digital marketer who needs a comprehensive and easy-to-use keyword research tool for success.

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